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3D Printing

We provide 3D printing solutions to help your company to realise product designs that were not economical to produce before.  Increasing efficiency and improving results on existing designs.

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Direct Metal Printing

Our 3D metal printers can produce high quality fully dense metal parts for applications in various industries from jewellery to aerospace.  A range of metal materials are available depending on requirements.

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Rapid Prototyping

Quick functional models in durable materials can be created for discussion and approval with your clients.  Highly detailed prototypes and ones created in full colour can be made in a matter of hours.

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Super Flat Spotless Tempered Glass

“Super Flat Spotless” is perfect realm of flat tempered glass. “Super flat spotless” tempering technology originated by North Glass can make float glass maintain original flatness and crystal nature after tempering, with no wave tendon or warp

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Classic Bent Tempered Glass

North Glass general classic bent tempered glass is one of bent steel brands. Accurate radian and smooth curve satisfy designer’s design requirement on streamline form of buildings maximally.

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Super Size Bent Tempered Glass

Ultrahigh and extra-large bent tempered glass makes ideal design of large-specification glass come true, so you don’t need to consider optimal program due to limit of size and height of floor.

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Application Development

Cross platform application development for world class enterprises in various industries. Integrating breakthrough technologies and deploying mission critical systems.